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Unblock Netflix
US catalog

Watch United States/Unites Kingdom/Japan/Brazil Netflix anywhere

Support: Mac\ Windows\ iOS\ Android\ Amazon Fire TV

Unblock Netflix Now
netflix xvpn
netlix xvpn

Watch Netflix with
XVPN in three steps

1.Download XVPN

2.Connect XVPN through US/GB/JP/BR-Video-N


3.Log in Netflix account and watch your favorite content


Do you know that you only receive a small fraction of the entire Netflix catalogue?

Here's a small list of shows and movies blocked outside of United States:

Access Full United States Netflix Content

24/6 live chat support

7 days Money-Back Guarantee

Extra Surprise

Watch all your favorite content with 5000+ exclusive global servers at 50+ locations.

Your best

Unblock Netflix Now

Support:Mac\Windows\iOS\Android\Amazon Fire TV

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access Netflix with XVPN?

It is very straightforward and simple:
Download XVPN
Connect to US/GB/JP/BR-Video-N server in XVPN
Log into your Netflix account and watch your favorite contents

Do I need to have a Netflix account?

Yes, you would need a Netflix account to access their contents. If you don’t have one, you may connect in XVPN and sign up for one.

What devices does XVPN support?

You may use XVPN on your Mac/Windows/iOS/Android/Router/Linux/Chrome extension devices.

Is my Netflix account safe?

Yes. We don’t collect any personal data nor do we store it in the first place. Furthermore, XVPN is designed to secure your internet traffic.

Will XVPN slow down my Netflix streaming?

Technically speaking, a certain amount of speed loss is expected when you are connected with ALL VPNs as VPN would route your traffic to a secure tunnel and encrypt it.
However, we had optimized the Netflix servers to make sure to provide best streaming experience.

What else can I do with XVPN?

Protect you in open network from prying eyes
With XVPN, your internet connection is secured with advanced encryption so your personal data won’t be compromised.
Stay anonymous online
XVPN conceals your internet activities from ISP & government eavesdropping.
Set your virtual location anywhere in the world
We have servers all over the world to ensure that our XVPN users can enjoy their desired internet contents & applications.

What others are saying

  • XVPN
    From Argentina
    I like to travel in different countries, that's really helpful to use XVPN. No need to worry about Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, etc. Love it.
  • XVPN
    From Mexico
    Netflix is loading fast. Thank you very much for providing this service for me.
  • XVPN
    From Brazil
    I have told everyone that XVPN is so good for watching Netflix. if you want to unblock Netflix, try XVPN.


XVPN is Free on Android & iOS, 500MB free data on Windows & Mac